Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Rainbows and Unicorns

I'm thinking about asking the city council to pass a resolution making this the official national anthem of Bend. What could more fittingly express the child-like, smiley-face optimism of Bendites, or their penchant for preferring pretty fantasies -- whether they're about the climate or the city's economic prospects -- to unpleasant facts?

(There are many versions of this song on YouTube; I chose this one because of the singularly idiotic expression of the singer. I suspect he needed surgery on his jaw to enable him to open his mouth that way.)

WARNING! Watching the full two minutes of this video may induce suicidal thoughts and/or actions.


Marshall_Will said...

Made .25 sec. mark. Dude is seriously retarded. Makes Johnny Bravo from the Brady Bunch movie look like Hendrix.

Still, better this than realtwhores telling us "There's no better time to buy!"

Marshall_Will said...

Curious to see where others think we might fall?

"Several independent studies find evidence for just two full PDO cycles in the past century: "cool" PDO regimes prevailed from 1890-1924 and again from 1947-1976, while "warm" PDO regimes dominated from 1925-1946 and from 1977 through (at least) the mid-1990's. Shoshiro Minobe has shown that 20th century PDO fluctuations were most energetic in two general periodicities, one from 15-to-25 years, and the other from 50-to-70 years."

It's possible ( given a starting point of 1996 ) we may be thru the worst of this cycle. Assuming a 15-25 year cycle this go round. Interesting to note, I first moved here in... 1977!