Sunday, May 20, 2012

April Temperature Report: The Chill Continues

This spring in Bend has been a hell of a lot sunnier and milder than last year's La Nina-afflicted spring, but we're still not likely to challenge Palm Springs.

According to the records of The Weather Channel, Bend logged six comfortable days (high above 70) in April, 10 tolerable days (above 60) and 14 cold days. All but one of those above-70 days occurred during one freakishly warm (for Bend) stretch from April 20 through 24, on two days of which the thermometer even climbed into the 80s.

So far in May Bend has recorded eight 70-plus days, but the weather has reverted to its gray and chilly "spring" norm. So unless things warm up in a hurry -- which, according to the forecast, is not likely -- we probably won't surpass 120 comfortable days on the year.

April Totals:
Comfortable Days: 5
Tolerable Days: 10
Cold Days: 15

YTD Totals:
Comfortable Days: 103
Tolerable Days: 73
Cold Days: 189


Marshall_Will said...

Correct. This May's collapse every bit as predictable a one as the Chicago Cubs'. Where every winning streak only portends more acute disappointment. Oregon, the Stevie Bartman of weather...

Probably stay home this Memorial Day weekend. After scouring to exploit the slightest weakness in the Drear Shield, there is NO place within a 12 hour drive in the PNW that won't Suckate (TM)

So rather than BURN $$$'s on $4.35 gas, were getting a pavillion. Should be quite a NICE one! Upon our leaving, it can be used to shield us from ( Praise God and Pass the Sunblock ) the damaging rays of the sun...

H. Bruce Miller said...

Damn, am I stupid. The YTD totals actually are totals for the FULL YEAR since last May, so Bend fell WAY short of 120 "comfortable" days.