Monday, April 13, 2009

This Cold Really Sucks

Well, it's now mid-April, well into what is considered "spring" in most parts of America, and the high in Bend today was 44 degrees.

Tomorrow promises to be even more sucktacular -- a predicted high of 41 degrees.

And snow.

Of course everybody in Bend is saying this weather is "unusual." Whenever the weather in Bend sucks (i.e. most of the time) the locals will tell you it's "unusual."

Unusually cold, unusually rainy, unusually windy, unusually snowy. Or all four at once.

The thing to remember is this: Unusually sucky weather is USUAL in Bend. What is truly unusual is really NICE weather.

But stick around -- the suckiness should start to moderate a little bit in the next month, and within about a month after that our "summer" will arrive. All eight weeks of it.

Then you can enjoy playing outdoors -- but look out for the thunderstorms.