Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome to Bend Sux

Welcome to Bend Sux, the first blog dedicated to the proposition that Bend, Oregon really, truly, deeply and profoundly sucks.

Our mission here at Bend Sux is threefold:

First, to counter all the public relations bullshit about Bend spewed out by the chamber of commerce, the tourism industry, the real estate industry and the local media.

Second, to discourage people who are thinking about moving to Bend from taking that fatal step by letting them know that, despite all the public relations bullshit, Bend actually sucks.

Third, to give support, comfort and solace to Bend citizens who have known in their guts for a long time that Bend sucks but have been afraid to admit it and/or say it. Yes, our brothers and sisters, Bend really, truly DOES suck.

In the weeks ahead we will be setting forth our own views on the many, many ways in which Bend sucks. But we also need to hear from you.

Have you personally experienced the suckitude of Bend, either as a resident or a visitor? Do you have insights into why and how Bend became so sucky? Please share them with us.

Let the suckfest begin!