Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well, This Is Rather Embarrassing

I have never claimed to be mathematically competent, so I won't offer any excuses for not realizing that with the end of April, the year's temperature record-keeping has been completed and the YTD totals that I posted are, in fact, the totals for the complete year of May 2011 through April 2012.

To recap:

Totals for Year:
Comfortable Days: 103
Tolerable Days: 73
Cold Days: 189

That's a pretty damn dismal performance, especially considering that practically all of the comfortable (above 70) days occurred in July, August and September.

If you live in Bend only during those three months, Bend isn't bad. The rest of the time ... well, I just have to say it ...

Bend Sux.


Marshall_Will said...

Not at all. Anyone that trades stock uses 12 month trailing avg's, 12 month target prices etc. 'Today' always being the chronological ref. ( so I assumed that's what you meant )

In any event, Region-WIDE Suckation and a very iffy MDW before us. The last few days in Silverton have been astoundingdly p!ss poor. Saturday seems to be "the day" everyone is focusing on for outdoor activity.

H. Bruce Miller said...

In all the years I've lived here I can't remember more than two or three Memorial Day weekends that had nice weather. I don't even think about it anymore. The consistently decent weather doesn't arrive until mid-June, at the earliest. It's the PNW -- what're ya gonna do?

I know what I'm doing -- I'm getting the hell out.

Marshall_Will said...

The WV used to have very respectable MD's from the late 70's thru the mid-90's. Fairly regularly. And when they weren't totally in the clear, typically only (1) problematic or disappointing day in that stretch.

But it feels like it's been so long since that was the case it hardly matters. Now the inverse is true. We're supposed to feel 'lucky' there's but (1) day that isn't ruled by Drear.

Obviously the old vets are dropping left and right, but I wonder if our detestable weather had a lot to do with MD becoming just another 3-Day Weekend?

Marshall_Will said...

Funny to note, with slightly better weather, it's tough to get a room east of the Cascades this MD. Families and couples must have surmised it's a coin toss, BUT if things make turn, our chances of seeing the sun might be slightly better East?

Making reservations becoming like stock options and security systems. You hope you 'don't' need them but aren't willing to forego the peace of mind that comes w/ knowing you 'have' one?

You can always cancel. Let's make this interesting! When it's all said and done, we'll circle back and see just what OR town had the nicest MD weather: I'm going with... Oakridge! Place your bets, hell it's FRIDAY...

Marshall_Will said...

Positevly PUMMELED at Camp Sherman. Where upon ( I'm told ) Sirs, "parial ownership" can tally 1/3rd a million dollars.

Atop $700-a-MONTH fees (whether one lives there FT or not ) Apparently a level of sophistication I've yet to attain. Ahem, Da' Score.., Trendy ( yet heinously ) overpriced stores, (1) Jack YUPTA gas prices gas pumps (1) Self-important J.O's jogging on blind curves (12) Parades/American Flags (0) Weather permitting Chicks In Bikinis (0)

The um... 'High of 65' never REMOTELY maretialized anymore than the man on the MOON and uh... HAIL and a butt-crack soaking RAIN, the order of the day. And don'e be telling me you don't HAVE one?

Diners at Detroit all but vacant. Just relieved State workers won't feel the pinch. 'Memorial' Day in Oregon people.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Pouring rain in Bend on Friday, cloudy and cold but no rain Saturday, Sunday a bit better, today looking about the same as Sunday.

We are at 3,600 feet altitude and 44 degrees north latitude and next to a mountain range, so cold, windy and otherwise shitty weather is more or less a given for most of the year. Wish I had researched these things more before moving here.

Oh well, you live and learn. Or don't.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Chicks in bikinis"? In Oregon on Memorial Day weekend? This isn't Honolulu, friend.

Marshall_Will said...

"We are at 3,600 feet altitude and 44 degrees north latitude and next to a mountain range"

Yes and no. At least in that many are led to believe your perpetually nice weather IS what makes those cold hard facts such an anomaly?

Take Colorado Springs for instance? At a staggering Elev. of 6,035 Feet, few would argue they have infinitely nicer weather, avg. 16" of rain per year. And this at approx. TWICE Bend's Elevation. ( Nestled against Pike's Peak which some Bend cheerleaders may have heard of? )

True they're at 38 deg. not 44 but sheesh, what a difference. Oh and at almost 650k people in the larger metro, one might have a shot at running an actual business? And I imagine better, more predictable skiing.

H. Bruce Miller said...

I agree that Bend's weather seems colder year-round than it should be, given the latitude and elevation. I dunno, maybe the place is under a curse.

Marshall_Will said...

My direct experience in "The Springs" is pretty limited. Spent a week in Mar/Apr in '90 when my sister was stationed there.

It was chilly but dry that time of year. Wiki felt it noteworthy to mention CS's 'avg' Elev. at 6,035 BUT there are points much higher and lower even within city limits.

Let me tell you, if out for a leisurely jog or stroll, your LUNGS would say it's 'twice' the Alt. To wit, runners from K' Falls always place well in the Pear Blossom in much lower Ashland.

That aside, this past weekend led the Mrs. and I to decide, as soon as practicable, we'll only be spending the absolute nicest mos. here in OR.

Marshall_Will said...

Other than today, things look bleak. Last 'Summer' ( calendar version anyway ) Blackdog declared all of [10] Days of Summer. I believe early to mid-July.

After a promising start, with 63 the forecasted High for next Saturday... is it possible we got our 10 Days 'early' this year? At 63 that'd be a full 10 deg. cooler than normal highs for the year. In fact other than today, there isn't another 70+ day in the 10-day forecast.

Is it also possible, not having lived thru one, that this is what the break out side of the PDO looks like? Sporadic fits & starts to Summer, reverting back to cool cycle characteristics and each successive year becoming less beholden to The Drear?

None of us are blindly optimistic enough to honestly THINK one lousy decent stretch would bring parole.

H. Bruce Miller said...

It's lovely in Bend right now, sunny and 74.

Won't last.

Marshall_Will said...

Weather.com has you slated for a high of 77, so more to come. Agreed, good weather shouldn't mean meted out in drips & drabs.

Given how abysmal Silverton looks for next weekend, we may be heading your way. Even 63 ( and Sunny! ) is marked improvement.

Looking back, it was pure torture to have S. TX weather in Feb & Mar to have to come back to this. For now, stick to the plan, bug out in May and October!