Saturday, January 21, 2012

They Say a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, So Instead of Writing a Thousand Words About What I Think of Bend's Climate I'm Posting This Picture.


Jack Elliott said...

"Feh" takes me back to my wasted youth spent reading early (e.g. '50s) "Mad" magazines. I bet it was Will Elder, he of EC Comics, who introduced me to that expression of distaste.

"Furshlugginer" came from the same era and source, I think.

Marshall_Will said...

Meh works too. When it comes to: Things That Suck ( the Jews are practically experts! )

New Jersey turn signals aside, I don't believe this is a case where it's a matter of this 'Winter' sucking, more a matter the lack of a Summer in 2011 is beginning to collectively weigh on us all.

Thus far Winter hasn't been all that bad. Plenty of sunny, if not cool days, a few golfworthy days thrown in? But I've seen this as a supervisor in the past. You can work people to death in a skeleton crew scenario or OT or whatever but it's not until -after- the big push workers start to fall apart!

Most of us are mature enough to place our personal lives on hold long enough to take one for the team. But afterwords your spouse feels neglected, the OT pay wasn't worth it and your house/homelife is falling apart. Everyone seems hypersensitive and on edge. This has been too little, too late. The Collective Toll is due.

H. Bruce Miller said...

As I understand it, "Feh!" is a stronger form of "Meh." "Meh" is like a shrug of the shoulders; "Feh!" is like saying "Fuck this!"

Marshall_Will said...

My godfather was an Italian Jew ( and boy he had a million of 'em! ) but I always took Meh to mean; "I'm less than 'impressed'?", non-plussed, or just whatever! etc.

My favorite was "Fee eye...." ( Freaking idiot ) Fi Ii. Apply to Bend/Weather as you see fit.