Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BOO-yah! Oregon 45, Wisconsin 38!

Oregon's DeAnthony Thomas, "The Black Mamba," reels off a 91-yard touchdown run in yesterday's Rose Bowl.
 I may think Bend Sux, but I LOVES my University of Oregon Ducks!


Marshall_Will said...

Do NOT get into a scoring duel w/ Da' Ducks! Great game.

Our son-in-law noted partly in jest, that December was "drier than some of our 'summer' months?" We both got a chuckle out of that.

With any luck, this time next year Blackdog can cheer the Ducks on from his new digs in NM, or Cabo, or wherever! Not without some -effort- I'm sure. What's gotten people off kilter and divorced from reality is shows like "Househunters International".

Since they're only half hour snippets ea. epi cranks up at the pivotal life event where people have already put their stuff in storage, dropped pets off at the pound and scored their airfare! So now the public's perception is "beer run!". That or Goodfellas where you just crack open the picture safe, snatch the blow, cash and few revolvers and drop the kids off at the in-laws?

H. Bruce Miller said...

"With any luck, this time next year Blackdog can cheer the Ducks on from his new digs in NM, or Cabo, or wherever!"

For various reasons it looks like Blackdog and Mrs. Blackdog will be in Bend until New Year's Day 2012, but will be spending the months of January, February, March, April and perhaps May (the Depth of the Drear) someplace warm and sunny. This may become our permanent arrangement, or not.

H. Bruce Miller said...

New Mexico's college football teams are TERRIBLE -- another reason not to move there.

Marshall_Will said...

(the Depth of the Drear)

No kidding. As I've always said, up 'to' and 'through' the Holidaze, who really has time to notice how miserable things might be? Be it New England, the Upper Midwest, AK etc?

Whatever it was you were supposed to have gotten done for the house/yard has long since been forgotten and there isn't jack you can do about it now anyway?

Here would be an interesting experiment: Take control groups of Cent. OR snowbirds and track all the usual Holiday metrics. Weight gain, alcohol consumption, depression... Then measure their finances and tax status etc.

Compare those that stayed behind and those that booked. If you only split for 2 weeks a mo. you'd be eliminated from the study. Only 3 mos. or longer need apply. You might find those that head South party a LOT harder, but don't have the weight gain/depression? Certainly would be interesting to see an extensive study.

How Did I Get Here? said...

Watching other people doing stuff. It goes so good with a cocktail!

H. Bruce Miller said...

It does indeed, although I was drinking wine during the Rose Bowl.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Here would be an interesting experiment: Take control groups of Cent. OR snowbirds and track all the usual Holiday metrics. Weight gain, alcohol consumption, depression"

That would indeed be interesting, but probably quite difficult to do.

Marshall_Will said...

Given only 1% of high school players go on to play college football and only 1% of THOSE make it to the NFL ( yes, most of us are just watching! )

I know years ago snowbirds had about as good a rep. for temperance as uh... The Elks but that was then. Many continued or accelerated their hard drinking ways once they flocked South. Mostly from the Upper MW where drinking was prettly well accepted.

Like I say, Union bennies, Caddy health plans, not their... problem? Retirees these days are going at things in a more balanced fashion. Really would be curious to see how general consumption and fitness habits have changed?

Many retirees rub your nose in it saying "My week consists of (6) Saturdays and a Sunday" but I don't believe those now in their 50's/early 60's are going at it like Hunter S. Thompson?

Marshall_Will said...

Man, it's been tauntingly like Spring around here. In the car yesterday and the Temp. read 56 deg. Whoa. We're even getting those balmy swirlies.

If the Almanac is accurate we'll see a drier and warmer than avg. Spring & Summer. Again, if OR's weather was trending headlong into ever higher temps and drier dries, you couldn't pry me out of here w/ a crow bar.

And perhaps that's where some of the misunderstanding has come from in the past. With as mobile ( and socially CLIMBING ) as many of our neighbors have been over the last 20+ years, who needs to bend over backwards for some sunshine neighbor?

I've had my share. You're eager to meet the new neighbors and in no time, your house becomes their KID'S house! 2 years later when it's time to move, you'll be lucky to get most of your stuff back. I only ask ppl to remember, when I moved here FT back in the 80's ( I had no intention of ever leaving ) Oregon changed, not me.

Marshall_Will said...

Another kickbutt weekend in K' Falls! Went running both days. Cop'd a tan while doing it. Kidded whether they usually have Spring first?

But there's palpable fear in the air. The economy's been on life support and many reason another drought could spell the end for a town known for it's survivor attitude.

There's also confidence "we'll eventually get it" but for right now, the surrounding hills and mounts are bare. Coming thru Oakridge ( another tuff town filled w/ upbeat people! ) there's fear if they don't get some snow soon MORE "Closed For The Season" signs will crop up.

I realize no one gets too excited about Oakridge but it really IS the gateway for winter fun for 100's of thousands of people. Hwy 58 IS the conduit for much of that traffic. Good people, tough times made a little tougher...