Friday, December 9, 2011

November Temp Stats: Into the Suck (and Out, Temporarily)

Please excuse me for not posting the November temperature stats sooner; I've been too busy enjoying our Indian-summer-in-December weather and gloating over the poor skiers and snowboarders who haven't seen any fresh powder in weeks.

We've probably seen the last of the warm days in Bend until late April, at the earliest. Predictably, November produced no comfortable (high in the 70s or above) days. There were just four tolerable (highs of 60 or above) days scattered throughout the month. The skies were mostly overcast, with only 12 days recorded as sunny or mostly sunny.

After Thanksgiving, however, a marvelous ridge of high pressure moved in over the Pacific Northwest, and it's been clear and sunny (and the skiers have been moaning) ever since.

Monthly Totals:

Comfortable Days: 0
Tolerable Days: 4
Cold Days: 26

YTD Totals:

Comfortable Days: 98
Tolerable Days: 59
Cold Days: 58

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Marshall_Will said...

Begging to differ slightly. While in K' Falls over the weekend, we had to do our "Mandatory PT!" No signing in for your buddy, no standing around with sweats 'on'.

It was 53 and Sunny, sunny, sunny on Saturday. After being couped up in an office all week, I opted to do The Run. 1.5 Mi. out/1.5 back. Dude, I got sunburned! It was awesome.

No chicks in bikinis mind you but still, awesome. Unlike most winter rec. disciples ( I'm 'getting' paid not forking over ) for the pleasure. Big difference. Even tho the command AND locals love to circulate "Jogging in January" fluff, we can enjoy it w/o megaphone and pom-poms. SOME of us can.