Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let It Shine, Let It Shine, Let It Shine

A big, beautiful high pressure dome has been parked over the Pacific Northwest since right after Thanksgiving, giving us delightfully clear, sunny (but chilly) weather in Bend. It's not warm enough to qualify as a second Indian summer, of course, but I'm enjoying it immensely anyway.

I'm also immensely enjoying the moans and groans of the skiing/snowboarding addicts, who are lamenting the lack of any fresh snow on Mount Bachelor since the lifts started running on Thanksgiving Day.

Back in June, when I and many others were begging for just a little bit of warmth and sunshine, those same bastards were calling us whiners and saying, "Ooooh, ooooh, I LOVE winter! Oooooh, I hope winter never ends!"

And now when they're bitching about a shortage of snow in December they expect me to give them sympathy?

Fuck 'em.


H. Bruce Miller said...

Almost 58 degrees outside my back door at this moment -- in the shade. Pretty incredible for December.

Of course, in Bend we always get more than our share of winter. If we don't get it in November and December we'll get it in April and May. And maybe June.

How Did I Get Here? said...

It's a bummer we don't have more snow but at least we're open. I'm not a snob, I'll ski in just about any condition.

Is this the new norm now guys?

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Is this the new norm now guys?"

Ah, would that it were -- I might never leave Bend.

How Did I Get Here? said...

I still think you're crazy for leaving BFE in this economic train wreak. The wheels are about to come off and you want to head off into the unknown? Fuck that, at least we can eat squirrels and get water from the river. They're cranking the can kicker up to maximum punt but 6-12 months tops before it gets ugly.

I just got back from SoCal. 48 hours in that dump and I'm homesick. I was in Carlsbad and I still couldn't chew through my foot fast enough. Nice weather, ocean but all those people...ooof.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Other places have rivers. Other places have squirrels. Why do you think folks in Bend will be any better off when the economic train wreck happens? Is this the Doctrine of Bend Exceptionalism again?

Looks to me like the train already has gone off the rails here.

As for SoCal: Once again, in typical Bend fashion, you talk as if Bend and SoCal are the only options. This is a big country and an even bigger world.