Monday, December 12, 2011

The First Sucky Inversion of Winter 2011-12

It didn't take long for this to happen: Bend is experiencing its first -- but most assuredly not its last -- "inversion" of this winter.

An inversion is a truly suckerrific weather phenomenon in which cold air slides in under a layer of warmer air and gets trapped there like a cat under a heavy blanket. Up above the inversion layer skies are clear and sunny, as in the photo above taken just minutes ago by Mount Bachelor's live weathercam. Below the layer, it's cold, cold, cold and gray, gray, gray.

Bend has an amazing variety of weather, most of it bad, and inversions, in my opinion, are the worst. There's no snow, no wind, no rain -- nothing but monotonous cold and lead-colored skies.

And it can stay that way for days and days and days.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.


H. Bruce Miller said...

The inversion fortunately broke up after only one day and we enjoyed another brilliant, sunny (but cold) day. Supposed to get a touch of snow tomorrow night and Thursday, then a return of sunshine with highs in the mid- to upper 40s.

This is almost enough to make me like winter. Almost.

Marshall_Will said...


Such a way with words don't you think? Sounds about right. I actually wouldn't mind a bit of snow for Christmas but unlike Cent/So. Oregon, we're in no way ready for it.

Makes for long weeks and hellish commutes, primarily left to your own devices. Gotta' say coming back aloft Hwy 58 last Sunday was a b@ll buster. Know how when you're going thru a low-lying area and the bugs are supah thick getting sucked under your grille and bumper?

Well, it looked like that. Only it was rain. AND... at 27 deg. we'll assume FREEZING rain. No one out front to gauge off of, but no cars wrapped around telephone poles either thank God. Even w/ AWD and near new tires, crawling. People get impatient, pass you in a huff only to SEE exactly why you were being so cautious!

We understand the weather IS what the weather IS. No matter where you live. What grinds me mostly is, people's RESPONSE to it!?!? Here's where cheerleading gets dangerous. REAL dangerous. No one likes to admit it took a full ___ hours to get from A to B. So we either A) Embellish, B) Outright LIE or C) Floor it and let the chips fall where they may?

Most often, it's C. The other two are just annoying, usually not deadly.

Marshall_Will said...

Seem to be on a track to have our driest December on record! But make no mistake, it's still miserable out there. Not even remotely close to considering one of them a golf day?

Not real enthused about seeing the heating bill either. It's been freezing. Just looking forward to getting the holidays OVER with at this point.