Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Ballad of Sucky Bend

Just about twenty-five years ago

I set out on the road

Thought I’d found a paradise

At least that’s what I was told.

Things got bad, things got worse,

I guess you know the tune.

Oh Lord, fog-fucked in Bend again.

Rode in on Highway 97

I didn’t have a clue

Just how hard this place could suck

My hopes and dreams fell through

Ran out of time and money

This never was my plan

Oh Lord, fog-fucked in Bend again.

If I had a dollar

For every sucky day

I’d buy a ticket outta here

And give my house away.

You know I’d catch the next plane

To someplace where it don’t rain

Oh Lord, fog-fucked in Bend again.

-- with apologies to Creedence


Jack Elliott said...

Nice and sunny now. Mighty pretty.

blackdog said...

Yes, even Bend has brief moments of non-suckiness.

Yonatan said...

Really, where is the sun??? Overcast here.. Are you from Bend, Indiana?

BTW.. Beautiful poem blackdog, it brought tears to my eyes.. Probably, because I thought the poem was about myself. Except the house part. Thank God I am a renter on month to month contract :D

blackdog said...

"Thank God I am a renter on month to month contract"

Smart man. There are thousands of people in Bend today who wish they'd rented instead of buying.