Monday, February 1, 2010

Seven Days of Sunshine, 24 Days of Suck

The Sunshine Count for the first month of 2010 is in. By Blackdog's unscientific, but fair, reckoning, there were seven days of sunshine -- i.e., days on which the sun shone most of the time -- in January. On the other 24 days, Bend was its usual gray, gloomy, dreary, dismal, drizzly self.

The first and last days of January were nearly cloudless. In between were scattered five days that I considered sunny enough to count as "days of sunshine." I was being generous on two or three of them.

Bend needs to rack up a total of only 66 non-sunny days to give the lie to the absurd "300 days of sunshine" claim, and it's more than a third of the way there already. I'm betting it will hit the mark by the end of March.

January Totals:

Days of Sun: 7
Days of Suckiness: 24

YTD Totals:

Days of Sun: 7
Days of Suckiness: 24


Yonatan said...

Blackdog, when you leave Bend, what place are you thinking of going? I have long term goal of maybe southern Italy, like Sardinia.. WHy does living in Oregon , especially Bend, make me dream of the Mediterranean.

1.5 more months in suckville and I am out of here.

I always wondered what could keep your poor soul in this God forsaken town??? Blackdog, have you considered ever escaping?

blackdog said...

My wife and I plan to be out of here within two years, when my wife is ready to retire. We would like to move to Hawaii. Of course a lot depends on being able to sell our house in Bend. Fortunately we bought it for cash more than 20 years ago and are not encumbered by a mortgage.

We didn't start getting really, REALLY sick of Bend and its sucky climate until a couple of years ago, so we hadn't given any thought to moving away until that point.