Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Bend Getting Suckier?

Maybe it's global climate change or maybe it's just that I'm becoming an old fart, but it seems to me that Bend's climate is getting suckier as the years go by.

I remember the winters when I moved here more than 20 years ago being much colder and snowier, but also a lot sunnier. A storm would blow in, dump a foot or two of snow and move out, leaving a sparkling landscape of pristine white under dazzling blue skies.

No more. The pattern we seem to get these days is week after week of gray, dismal weather, interspersed with those sucktacular INVERSIONS (four already this winter, by my count).

If this is the way it's gonna be I might as well move to Portland. At least it's warmer there, they don't get fog-fucked, and spring arrives in March -- not late June.


Anonymous said...

How about a sun index update?


blackdog said...

I've logged two days of sunshine so far this year -- Jan 1 and Jan 9. And I was being generous to include Jan 9.

Other people who have been in Bend 20 years or more agree with me that the winters used to be colder and snowier, but sunnier. If I really wanted Portland weather I'd move to Portland, where at least I'd enjoy the amenities of a big city instead of living in a hick town in the middle of nowhere.

Yonatan said...

Where are ya blackdog..

Bend's weather is really suking right now and need more posts.

I am leaving Bend and moving back to P-town, preferably east, like Gresham.

I am sick of Bend. It rain and even snows all the time like Portland, except the ground stays brown, ugly and the plants never grow. At least in Portland we get rewarded by lush greenery when it rains all the time.. Not in Bend.

blackdog said...

"At least in Portland we get rewarded by lush greenery when it rains all the time.. Not in Bend."

True, and in Portland spring arrives in March, not mid-June -- plus you can enjoy the entertainment and culture and other amenities of a real city.

What more can I say except ...