Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June Report: The Big Chill, Cont.'d.

Bend's sucky Big Chill "spring" continued through June, with daily high temperatures running a good five to 10 degrees below normal. (And god knows the "normal" in Bend isn't that high to begin with.)

It wasn't until June 14, by my reckoning, that the mercury (metaphorically speaking; I'm using a digital thermometer) crossed the 70-degree mark -- barely. The highest temperature I recorded for the month was 84, during our three-day "heat wave" on June 20, 21 and 22. I also logged a high of 81 on June 27.

Overall the month wasn't intolerably cold; the high surpassed 60 on every day. But it wasn't exactly late-spring-like either: Only seven days managed to achieve highs of 70 or better.

Now that the disgusting Portland Rose Festival is over, the usual summer high-pressure dome appears to have formed over the Pacific Northwest and we're finally enjoying some warm and sunny weather. (It's supposed to hit 90 in Bend today.) Here's hoping summer lasts more than two months before the fall-winter suck season returns.

Totals for Month:

Comfortable Days: 7
Tolerable Days: 23
Cold Days: 0

Totals YTD:

Comfortable Days: 7
Tolerable Days: 32
Cold Days: 22

A Note About Temperature Readings: The temperatures I have recorded may or may not match the "official" highs recorded for Bend. Bend has many micro-climates; my front entryway (where my thermometer is located) may well be colder than some of them. On the other hand, it may well be warmer than some of them. Also, please don't write to tell me: "Only 84 on the hottest day in June? Are you out of your frickin' mind?!? I went fishing (or whatever) that day, and it hadda be at least 90!" The sun in Bend (when it's shining) is very intense and makes one feel very warm when one is in it, even on a fairly cold day. I take my temperature readings in the shade -- which is where temperature readings should be taken.


Marshall_Will said...

"with daily high temperatures running a good five to 10 degrees below normal"

Nope, nothing to see 'here' folks.., move along now. Move along.

Again, even though we've finally had a HANDFUL of days ( now that the Year is Officially HALF over ) that crept into the 80's.., I remain totally unimpressed.

It's about the Plunge Rate. By the time we've had dinner and head down to the HS track for a few laps at 7pm, Temps have already PEAKED and begin plunging almost immediately.

By the time 8 o'clock rolls around ( walk a few laps RUN a 'few'? ) it's getting chilly in the shade of the football stands. At field level a cool breeze picks up. To the point you're wishing you'd brought a jacket.

This was not the 'norm' here for over the first two decades I lived here. Face facts, this stillborn spring has led to another non-summer Summer. We'll be lucky if steady rains don't return by mid-August.

Marshall_Will said...

In taking a gander at the 10-Day forecast, not a lot to shout about? Bend's identical to Salem, with a 1-Day delay.

A Low of 39 on Wed? You've got to be kidding me. Either of us only has [1] day forecast above 80 over the next week and half. Even JULY isn't safe any more.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Lows in the 30s in Bend in July are not uncommon, and lows below freezing are not unheard of. There is no day in Bend that can be guaranteed frost-free.

Marshall_Will said...

"There is no day in Bend that can be guaranteed frost-free."

You like guar...anTEE 'guaranteed'? Or um, just 'not likely to freeze'? Our daughters and SIL's go rafting every year out at Minam. I've never gone, young folks event.

So they asked me to check the weather. I thought it was close to Enterprise, so when I gave the BLEAK news of t-storms and upper-60's, imagine their relief when it was revealed Minam was nowhere NEAR there!

The Drear spreading to Enterprise. Anyone think they'd LIVE long enough to see that, I mean in July?

H. Bruce Miller said...

I really can't complain about the weather since mid-June -- it's been very pleasant, though a little on the cool side. I've always said Bend summers are lovely; the problem is they're only three months long, and three months of summer is not adequate compensation for nine months of suck.

Marshall_Will said...


And it only compounds w/ age. When cheerleaders can legitmately call you and I 'sonny' then I'll listen. Maybe.

I'm shocked at how much Convergence there's been, particularly this year to date. Anyone else recall an OR where you'd talk to friends in Lakeview... or Joseph etc. and they'd say "Man! I'd give -anything- for it to be down in 70's right now!?"

Well guess what dude, now it IS! No matter -where- you live in Oregon? Insofar as people 'moving' here.., unless you're inheriting a lucrative turnkey business, getting a cushy Gov. job or have a sugar momma' up here, why would you be doing that?

If anything, when I first moved here in the late 70's, the weather was trending toward a drier, warmer climate! Who can blame a guy. I believe SF is slated for a high of 63 today and LA 71.