Friday, May 20, 2011

I Don't Care What the Calendar Say ...

... gonna wear my summer shoes anyway. Because in Bend you've gotta grab your summer when you can, which generally means grabbing it in little bits and pieces -- three days in January, two days in February, two days in May, etc.

Besides that, I've been re-reading The Great Gatsby and I'm in kind of an F. Scott Fitzgerald frame of mind. And besides that I wore them to astonish the Bend yokels, most of whom (males) have a footwear collection consisting of (a) sneakers or work boots for winter and (b) flip-flops for summer. Except for the yokels who wear cowboy boots year-round.


Anonymous said...

You most definitely are a newspaper guy.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Ex-newspaper guy, and damn proud of it.

Jack Elliott said...

Platforms. I've been pimpin' platforms since March.

H. Bruce Miller said...

And you look very fetching in them, I must say.

Bend weather today has reverted to suck mode, as predicted. Time to put the saddle shoes back in the closet for another six weeks.

Anonymous said...

"Time to put the saddle shoes back in the closet for another six weeks."

Sounds about right on schedule. 4th Of July it is! We're back in suck mode in the Valley. Wife worked OT today. WTF? I've always felt OR needed it's own pay scale for OT.

Over time performed in Winter, time and half. OT performed in June, July or August? TRIPLE time and half. Otherwise it just ain't fair.

It is now clear that Blackdog and his sanity are no longer held together by any physical bond!

Anonymous said...


( Another Crap Ass Weekend )

Barely broke 58 deg. here in the valley. No longer worthy of a "caps". Sunday? SUNDAY..?

Major suckation. How long do you have to endure the 'threat of rain' before viewing it in the same light as actual rain?

SIL got 'half' the lawn cut. And considered it an accomplishment! And from Bend's/OR's cheerleaders?

..... crickets.