Friday, April 29, 2011

If the Royal Wedding Was Held in Bend, Kate Would Have Frostbite

It's the next-to-last day of April 2011, the Royal Wedding day. It's  partly cloudy and 68 degrees in London. (Congratulations, Kate and Bill.) Here on the other side of the pond, it's sunny and 56 degrees in Minneapolis. Sunny and 65 in Portland, Maine. Sunny and 67 in New York. Partly cloudy and 67 in Denver. 
In other words, it's spring -- real spring -- in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. But it's cloudy, 32 degrees and snowing in Bend, Oregon.
Need I say more? BendSux(TM)!!!


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Keep 'em coming. I get a tremendous amount of pleasure basking in frigid glow of your misery.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis! I thought we said 'Duluth' was the bar? Oh well, probably nicer there too.

Best Wishes for Will & Kate! Classy gal all the way. ( She does realize his hair is thinning faster than a Fest-fest in Bend in March doesn't she? ) Oh well, he's GOT money! Lots and lots.

Called the Base in K' Falls yesterday and they said they had near white-out conditions. F'n great huh?

Soon old Blackdog will give us the rundown on Days of Sun/Days of Suck, and it doesn't look good? I'll suggest a far parameter!

The point at which our month is beyond salvage. When you've had your monthly avg. precip. by the TENTH of the Month, it would take a stellar bal. of the month to redeem itself. Hint, it won't.

To wit, Daily Highs would have to reach 139 Degrees today and tomorrow to bring us within Standards. I'm holding my breath! ( Just ask for Old 'Blue' )

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Soon old Blackdog will give us the rundown on Days of Sun/Days of Suck"

I'm not tracking days of sun anymore, but I intend to start tracking temperatures, i.e., how many comfortably warm days Bend has in a year. (My hunch is it won't be a high number.) The count will begin May 1.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Anon. 10:12: Thank you. That's what I live for -- making other people happy.