Thursday, April 28, 2011

How's This for Springtime Suck?

The Baby Chick Zombie sends springtime greetings from sucky Bend, where it presently is 33 degrees and snowing.


Marshall_Will said...


I'm right there w/ Chicky-baby. Totally sucked walking in to work this AM. Just freezing.

As I said earlier in the month, where's the threshold where we quit making excuses for:

"it JUST turned Spring!"

( and face the cold, hard reality )

"that it's almost MAY!?"

The only reason I posted that extensive KATU Weather-blog link is in the hopes it makes our 'remaining' time here as... tolerable as possible? My confidence level that'll happen isn't exactly stellar.

H. Bruce Miller said...

The shit's coming down even harder now.

Incredibly, I have had people describe the Bend climate to me as "ideal." The human capacity for self-delusion is limitless.

Anonymous said...

Drove the wife into work in Wilsonville this AM and it was Pure Drear (TM) and 40 deg. The morning walk to the office, torture.

Missed a post there but I think it's imperative to make sure your spouse AND friends fully appreciate the gravity of the situation here?

At age 52, assuming I've the good fortune to live to 75 ( I never take a day 'above' ground for granted? ) that's 23 good years left. Multiplied by 52 weekends, that's 1,196 ( Lord willing! ) weekends I'll be fortunate to have "remaining".

Given clearly 3/4's of them here in OR totally -suck- that's approx. 299 [hopefully] decent weekends left. Or 598 Days. Less than (2) freaking years people.

The good news is, when you've begun to explain this to spouse & friends, they actually GET IT! Now don't go springing it on them all at once? Make it a "drip campaign".

Let's spend -another- of them holed up, depressed and TURNING on each other! Yeah, THAT'S the ticket. Not. Yeah, seriously.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Being almost 65, I have even fewer remaining weekends (and weekdays) to look forward to than you do, and believe me, I do not intend to spend any more of them in sucktactular Bend, Oregon than I have to. I don't have to persuade my wife to move; she's eager to do it. In fact we will be vacationing in Hawaii in September and will be condo-shopping while we're there; we might buy one if we see something we like at a good price. (Prices there are still dropping but might not drop indefinitely.) Unfortunately, my wife's retirement schedule calls for us to endure one more endless Bend winter before taking off for less sucky climes.

Anonymous said...

Could you please make the font on the comments LARGER.

They're too hard to read.