Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a T-Rex

March in Bend got off to a deceptively non-sucky start, with bright sunny days and temperatures in the upper 50s. Blackdog recorded 14 days of sunshine, most of them in the first half of the month, including one stretch from March 13 through 20 when seven out of eight days were sunny.

Inevitably, however, the weather pattern resumed its normal suckiness at the end of March and the beginning of April, as storms blowing in off the Pacific brought high winds, heavy rain and snow and sub-freezing temperatures.

We can expect the suck to stick around for eight to 10 more weeks, if Bend runs true to its sucktacular form. One thing Blackdog has learned from 25 years of living amid Bend's suckiness is that if we don't get enough winter in January, February and March we'll make up for it in April, May and June.

March Totals

Days of Sun: 14
Days of Suck: 17

YTD Totals

Days of Sun: 36
Days of Suck: 54

(NOTE: I need to record only 12 more days of suck to demolish Bend's absurd "300 Days of Sunshine" claim. I'm betting I'll do it by mid-April.)


Jack Elliott said...

I'll take that bet, my friend -- as we all know, you are down in Cabo right now, taking advantage of free rounds of golf on one of the many golf courses and dodging Chiclets salesmen -- and so your main source of Bend weather information is from the Bulletin and IOW, you're making this stuff up by remote control. My Magic 8-Ball sez that April will be lovely and that by the end of the month, the 300 dazeosunshine claim will be standing in the ring, shaken but standing. Loser buys beers for winner.

blackdog said...

I wasn't in Cabo, more's the pity -- I was in Astoria, and was only there for three days. And I had a pretty accurate idea of what the weather was line in Bend.

As for the bet, you're on. MY Magic 8-Ball and, what's more important, my 25 years of experience say April will suck very, very hard and by the end of the month we will have logged at least 66 days of non-sunshine in 2010.

blackdog said...

Oops -- "pretty accurate idea of what the weather was LIKE in Bend."

mugmkr said...

Christian Boris has relocated to Las Vegas, where he now does the weather for KTNV. His bio states "Christian is excited to opt out of the Pacific Northwest's gloomy winters and bask in the sunshine of Las Vegas. "

And so you see, dear Blackdog, others have left Bend in search of true sunny-ness. You too, who have suffered mightily for 25 years, can see the (sun)light if you so choose. Inquiring minds want to know why you choose to stay in a place that you so cheerfully hate.

blackdog said...

"Inquiring minds want to know why you choose to stay in a place that you so cheerfully hate."

It's not really a choice at this point. I have to wait until my spouse is ready to retire and we can unload our house.

Why did I stay here to begin with? Well, for about the first 15 years I really liked Bend. But as it's gotten bigger and more congested and uglier, and as I've gotten more and more tired of the endless winters, I've been liking it less and less.