Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sucky Floods of Spring (and Fall, and Summer, and Winter)

Well, it's a sucky spring day in Bend -- 45 degrees and pouring rain. Which in itself isn't remarkable or even worthy of comment, except that it reminds me of another reason why Bend truly, deeply and profoundly sucks: the floods.

I'm not talking about the Deschutes River going on a rampage. In bygone days it used to do that from time to time, but it was tamed by dams many decades ago.

No, I'm talking about the flooding of Bend streets that happens every time we get any appreciable amount of rainfall. Hell, the streets here flood any time we get much more than a heavy dew.

The reason is that the people of Bend are either too cheap or too fookin' STUPID (or maybe a combination of both) to install an adequate, functioning storm drain system. We have a few grates in the streets, yes, but they're basically just holes in the ground. There's no system of pipes to carry the excess water away, so it just backs up and creates a lake wherever there's a low spot in the road.

That's my Bend -- a town of vast ambitions and half-vast thinking.


Yonatan said...

Its dumping snow in April. Its 75F in Chicago and 33 and dumping snow in sucky Bend. I just hope I can get out of this place alive. Arghhh.. Where is my sunshine!!!?? I am going to have to shovel my driveway in April, this is new for me.

blackdog said...

Yonatan, I thought you left already. Hope something hasn't happened to hold you up.