Thursday, June 7, 2012



Marshall_Will said...

Juneuary in all its drab f@cking glory. Here's the really sh@tty news: After a brief reprive next week, we're looking at another cr@pper of weekend to follow.

Just deplorable. This is the time of year you begin to notice "project creep". Things you'd fully planned on having done outside or in the garage find themselves in your living room!

* "The steady, predictable annual migration of hobbies, pastimes and projects migrating indoors due to intolerable weather"

After next weekend, it will take a miracle to salvage June. Juneuary, sorry...

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Juneuary" is perfect.

I've pretty much decided to forget about planting any annuals this year. For three months, why bother?

Marshall_Will said...

Every year Mrs. W had hanging baskets off the railing on the back deck. Or rather 'I' hung them. An expensive and time honored tradition. This year?

Pfft. Fuggedaboutit...

Same rationale, for a few WEEKS of 'enjoyment'? More than that, it just struck us as being delusional, in denial. And there's enough of that to go around. ( See Housing Bubble ) Why be a party to perpetuating more?

I'm calling for a statewide boycott. When/IF the weather gets in alignment w/ the other 56 States, maybe I'll THINK about it.

Marshall_Will said...

Today, the 163rd... day of the year was the first I felt I could go out for that first walk of the day without a coat/hat/scarve/parka.

While your mid-Juneuary looks slightly 'better' than the Valley, assuming low 60's and not raining is your idea of... better, this baby's going DOWN...!?%&@!

FORGET about those Juneuary wedding plans, getting your outdoor [deferred-deferred] maint. and just about anything past the awning on your front porch done.

This is the whole reason I always chocked when KISN FM ran their "97 Days of Summer!" schtick. It's either '9' or '7' but def. not the two put together.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Upper 60s - low 70s in Bend right now. Very pleasant.

Marshall_Will said...

Poring over (2) select Dates ( May 30th and Sept. 15th ) from 1977 to present did generally seem to support the PDO theory. But only in the most general sense.

What I found a lot more compelling were the cliffs from just one year to the very next!

May 30th 1986, High of 90! (1987?) 70. And again in '07/'08. 2009, 88. 2010 ( 65 ) So it would make for a very messy and expansive chart. Which got me to thinking.., what OTHER part of the country would be remotely as volatile? I'll look but bet PHX would be compared in tenths of deg's Y.O.Y.

And if nothing else, that should tell potential transplantees ( this isn't a good idea? ) Perhaps even subconsciously but I'm also willing to wager a good many are contemplating.., with all the uncertainty in the economy, employment and housing, do I really need unstable, unpredictable and *volatile* weather dangling over my head to boot?

Marshall_Will said...

Mostly Cloudy, Light Showers
Day: 65°

Night: 51°
Mostly Cloudy, Morning Rain
Day: 57....!?!?!?&$@#&°

Night: 52°
Mostly Sunny
Day: 74°

Night: 55°
Mostly Sunny
Day: 81°

Night: 57°
Mostly Cloudy, Evening Rain
Day: 72°

Night: 56°
Mostly Cloudy, Morning Rain
Day: 69°

Night: 53°
Mostly Cloudy, Morning Rain
Day: 70°

Night: 54°

Steaming PILE. What an f'd up steaming PILE. New Rule: When the weather sucks ( I'm splitting! ) No longer do I care how much MONEY you laid out for _____. If the weather turns chilly, drizzly or even OVERCAST I'm outta' here! I REFUSE to dignify our SA 'weather' with my presence. No more "dressing in layers!" putting on a sweater, gloves and/or HAT or "sucking it up" or... toughing it out etc.

Last night ( as FD festivities ROARED ) I bid my wife drive me home when [the] first cloud so much as 'appeared'. Sorry, just how it is from here on OUT. What a RIP-OFF. Pay 'taxes' to 'live' here? You're kidding right? How about a dividend check for me to STAY here? Auto deposit for ATM withdrawal ( from Florida )

It'd be great. Thanks.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Marshall, it's the Pacific Northwest. The climate sucks. Always has, always will. (Well, at least for our lifetimes.) Why fight it when you can move away from it?

But you'll pay taxes wherever you live.

Marshall_Will said...

Your Weekend double-dose of Suckation awaits!

Jun 22
60°F ( Aprilish )
PM Rain
Chance of rain:

Jun 23
58° ( That's the 'Low', right? )
Chance of rain:
50% ( 50-50 is as good as it GETS here )

Jun 24
66° ( 2 Month Rule in effect! )
39° ( Wooly nighties can be 'sexy'? )
Partly Cloudy
Chance of rain:

Suck it. CoSprgs OTOH will be Sunny and in the mid/upper 90's. They have nicer mountains and more OF them! Double Suck it.

Marshall_Will said...

If we're going to be honest, we need to start calculating.., By What Day Does Summer 2012 Become A Writeoff?

With 10-Day forecasts now taking us to the other side of the 4th ( and still barely breaking the 70's ) is it the 15th of July when we reach, Why Bother? stages?

There HAS to be palpable FEAR among event promoters, marinas etc. that at some point, that pent up demand, that cabin fever will simply fade and outdoor event turnout will reach a tipping point.

That point where there just isn't enough a crowd for the crowd that shows up to see and be seen to bother showing up.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Shitty weather has got to impact attendance at events, but unfortunately nobody apparently keeps track of attendance at Bend's various fests, fiestas, etc., so there's no way of know how much.

Marshall_Will said...

KATU meterologist Scott Sistek's great article about "the Juneuary effect" and the Mariners' dreadful offense. Read 'em and weep!

H. Bruce Miller said...

Makes sense. But what explains the craptacularness of the Seattle Sea Slugs? Could it be ... umm ... only one quality offensive player?

Marshall_Will said...

Yeah good point! As a lifelong White Sox fan, I KNOW the team DREADS coming up that way on a West Coast swing. Ozzie even told the boys if they took the first (2) games in SEA they'd put the B squad in for Game 3. Basically a 'holiday' on the road.

Ball players love warmer weather. As long as the Season is, you're playing with everything from strains, aches, pains, blisters, torn rotator cuff blah blah. Then add in Drear.

Any wonder so many retirees flock to AZ? Interesting. spoke w/ local cop, only 30 and born & raised in the Salem area. Even HE dreads this and has a timeshare in Palm Springs to get away from this place. More interesting STILL he has noticed in Feb. THEY are getting overcast days that can't seem to break out of the 80's! We also noted even LA and SD are acting very UN-SoCal-esque.

Nothing more than anecdotal and I'm sure had our critics not disappeared they'd be picking it APART but what 'is' noteworthy is that even younger people have noticed the shift. And they're ACTING on it!

H. Bruce Miller said...

Yes, baseball is a summer game -- as in East Coast or Midwest summer. I played baseball in HS (New Jersey) and remember well how miserable early-spring practice could be.

The PNW climate is not friendly to baseball or other summer sports. Oregon high schools have produced very few top-level major leaguers that I can think of. In fact the only one I can think of right now is Jacoby Ellsbury of Madras HS and the Boston Red Sox.

Marshall_Will said...

Suckation 2012 ( Day 182 )

Captain's Log: The crew have become increasingly antagonistic, demoralized ( and frankly, a bit moldy smelling? )

It has virtually POURED for the last (2) solid hours here. Couldn't even walk the neighbor's dog ( elderly ) to the Farmer's Market ( all of a BLOCK ) without getting drenched.

Got me to thinking, just to STFU critics once and for all. As time allows I'll track all the days Bend actually has nicer weather than the WV. Over a year's time, I'm guessing less than 10. Bets..?

H. Bruce Miller said...

Depends on the definition of "nicer." Less rain in Bend, but more cold, so it depends on whether you prefer relatively warm and rainy or cold and cloudy. Overall amounts of sunshine about the same in Bend as in Portland and the WV, as I've pointed out previously.