Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring. Yeah. Right.

This is a crocus that popped up in my backyard on Monday and got crushed by Wednesday. Sort of emblematic of the annual hopes of Bend residents for "spring."


Anonymous said...

Why do you think they call them a croakus? Crushed, right along w/ any hopes I may have had of retaining my sanity.

Blackdog, just being honest here? I think a small but important first step is to just take a week OFF, head South ( or wherever the weather is decent ) and let the World fall apart in our absence?

Waiting for That Grand Day when we can easily... take a full MONTH ( or 3 ) off from The Drear may never... come? And I'm not talking hotel reservations in Cabo. Although that would be nice.

Even if all we can afford or afford to take off is a long weekend, then I think it's WORTH it! Waiting for the whole enchilada is looking dumber by the rain-soaked day. IMHO.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Actually not bad in Bend today, though pretty windy. I think the croak-us got crushed by a squirrel.

Jack Elliott said...

When I suggested to Mrs Elliott that we might take a week off to go to Hawaii and rent a VW camper and camp on the beaches, she jumped at the chance.

Blackdog: Out stumbling around in the yard, soused to the eyeballs again? Squirrel broke the crocus. Right.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Mrs. Elliott is a wise woman.

Re stumbling around in the darkness: Yes, could've happened. I don't remember much about last night.

Anonymous said...

"soused to the eyeballs again?"

I never fault anyone for over-indulging in this dreadful climate. Whatever that might involve. Same problems in Iceland, the UK etc. Again, IMHO ( not only does it not help, it only makes matters worse! )

Having said that, I've also heard it's a habit that 'follows' snowbirds even when they're as far South as they're going to go? Folks from MN, WI etc. I suppose the key is to leave that in rearview mirror along w/ The Drear?

This should be a time of great jubilation! Getting healthy, fit, tan and SANE! Guys, we're breaking ANOTHER Record today I believe for most Consecutive Days of Rain. 27 was the old.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Sunny, warm and windy in Bend today.

Once you get the habit of drinking large amounts of alcohol it's hard to break, no matter what climate you live in.

Anonymous said...


I have had quite a BIT of success with an All Natural prdt. called Kudzu. It is offered thru Swanson Vitamins and is very, VERY cheap! They call it "Kudzu Recovery".

If you're at 'all' interested, it's being called "The Plant that ATE The South!" Highly invasive and totally useless. Or so we thought! Studies found that it dramatically reduces alcohol consumption and for me, has been something of a minor miracle. Especially in these winter months.

Oh you can still enjoy your beer, just as before. It just intensifies the effects and again, for 'me' tends to make me feel pretty FULL after just a few beers. Also greatly lessens the hangover/hangover anxiety!

Primarily though, I use it as a "diet supplement" b/c BEER is where the majority of my weight gain came from. I'm under 200 for the first time in a looong time. And happier, but not about the weather!

H. Bruce Miller said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't really have an alcohol problem -- I was just kidding around with Jack. I hardly ever drink beer -- couple glasses of wine with dinner, the occasional shot of vodka or Scotch does it for me.

Anonymous said...


Fair enough ( although again, I can't bring myself to blame anyone here that 'does'? )

I think my point was that, however modest, there's a huge difference between celebration, and drowning sorrows. My concern has always been that over the last sev. years ( there really hasn't been a lot to celebrate about? )

Adult Onset Drinking is -enough- of a challenge for many of us, no matter how nice a climate we call home. I have a neighbor that socks away the vino ( not a busybody, when 'I' take recycling out ) you can't help but notice? Just a few yrs. ago, social drinker at most. I can't begin to say what a spiral she's in.

Anonymous said...

Another Dear-in-headlights week of Suckjugation here in the Big WV. Lo' fiddies and perma-drizzle.

What more could you ask for?

H. Bruce Miller said...

"What more could you ask for?"

I'm asking for a move to Hawaii. I'm gonna git it, too.