Thursday, July 1, 2010

Apres May, Le Deluge

Winter II finally exited Bend on June 21, the first day of summer -- but not before dumping record amounts of rain, especially on Portland and the Willamette Valley. (We had a bit less rain here, but made up for it with chilly temperatures.)

The skies cleared and things started to warm up on June 21, and in fact every day since then has been sunny -- a string of 10 consecutive days of sunshine. Yippee.

Incidentally, June was the first month of 2010 to record more sunshiny days than sucky days.

But it looks like The Big Chill isn't over yet: The high today (July 1) is supposed to be only 70, and tomorrow the mercury is expected to ascend to -- get ready for it -- a balmy 63.

That's a HIGH of 63 degrees on July 2. In most places in the temperate zone, 63 would be a normal LOW on July 2.

"Paradise" my frozen ass.

June Totals

Days of Sun: 20
Days of Suck: 10

YTD Totals

Days of Sun: 56
Days of Suck: 82


Anonymous said...

"but made up for it with chilly temperatures"

Well! ( Good to see you've atoned for that? ) Thanks for the June Tally. I thought a lot about May ( while shivering in June ) and came to the conclusion that our May has become indistinguishable from MARCH!

Seriously, not that big a' difference. Unless you're a mailman ( or devout nudist ) I doubt there's enough of a disparity to note a distinction between the two months, or -seasons- for that matter?

The entire weekend of the 4th looks iffy no matter 'where' you are in OR. I recall being a dashing young sailor ( well, 'young' anyway ) in San Diego. It was an absolutely -perfect- day, upper 70's, not a cloud in the sky and my shipmate asked me what I wanted to do to kill the day? Since the wives were going shopping I said;

"Let's hang out in a dimly lit, smokey tavern!"

Uh... anyone 'else' remember a time or a place when 'nice days' were so common, so dime-a-dozen.., there wasn't any pressing urgency to treat them as "special" ( or even particularly 'noteworthy'? ) Maybe that's my problem, I CAN!

blackdog said...

I do have to admit that this spring has been even more sucktacular than usual ... but EVERY spring in Bend is more or less sucktacular. Anybody who tells you otherwise is blowing smoke up your ass.

Anonymous said...

"even more sucktacular than usual..."

Leaving for the office this morning I found myself having to turn back for a jacket and hat. Then have to endure week upon week of ppl tactfully 'reminding' you that "It's not 'even' the 4th of July yet!"

Well.., it's the 2nd! Low 50's and persistent drizzle isn't 'my' idea of a Grand 4th? You know, throughout the 90's and the housing boom, the amount of time you -didn't- spend in OR became a status symbol. Just think how much 'status' we'll have when we leave the area altogether?

blackdog said...

Believe me, if I could do it I would be gone tomorrow. Hell, I'd be gone THIS MORNING!

The forecast calls for sunny and 77 degrees on the 4th, but I'll believe that when I see it.

I was looking yesterday at the Weather Channel's chart of Bend's average temperatures through the year. There are only six months -- May through October -- when the average high is above 60, and four months -- June, July, August and September -- when it's above 70. And in the two "warmest" months, July and August, the average high is only 81.

That's just pathetic. People say that Bend has no spring, but truth be told, it has no real summer either.

Why is it always so fucking COLD here? I don't know -- a combination of altitude, latitude and proximity to the mountains, probably.

Whatever the reason, I say Bend sucks and I say to hell with it.

blackdog said...

BTW, the heat just came on at my house. July 2, and the fucking HEAT is running.

Fuck Bend, and fuck all the lying fuckers who try to persuade people it's "paradise."

Anonymous said...


At my office I have a dinky space htr. under my desk, so rather than ef' around w/ the thermostat in the hall ( I just kick that on, and yes, it's on as we speak! )

Again, native and newcomer alike can feel free to dismiss our observations as casually as they like, but the bottom line is ( this ain't the OR I 'moved' to ) almost 30 yrs ago? ) Our weather here has changed in ways I can't describe. And -not- for the better?

Screw "Indian" Summer ( I'd settle for a normal... summer? ) Damn it, I can SEE if someone was duped ( or duped 'themselves' ) into believing that living on the OR COAST would somehow be similar to... Newport Beach, CA, or even NorCal, that's just delusional. But that's hardly what "I" bought into all those years ago? The only diff. between the Wil. Valley and Chicago was we got rain instead of SNOW! Seriously, the calendar was otherwise identical!

Well not any more. The wife and I are committed that if God forbid she gets laid off, we're outta' here! Like most couples, our benefits are thru 'her' employer. Absent that, what's the point? Vegas, Palm Springs, who cares!

blackdog said...

Quite a few Bend old-timers seem to agree that the weather has gotten shittier in the past few years -- longer winters, shorter and colder and cloudier "summers."

I am fortunate that I am already retired and my wife will be retiring in less than two years. If I had to spend 10 more years here -- hell, even five more -- I'm not sure I could take it. Right now I just feel like I'm trying to serve out a prison sentence.

Anonymous said...

"I just feel like I'm trying to serve out a prison sentence"

Right, w/ that 6 Weeks O' Summer as time in the courtyard for good behavior. Gotta' hit the weights you know!

Figure the cost of Prozac and light therapy into the cost of living! What makes this all the more difficult is that... we used to GO to Bend to get OUT of the rain! In fact, we called ourselves "The Sunseekers" and would get in the car and just drive until it stopped raining!

I recall getting rooms in Bend for the 1999 Labor Day and it even began to cloud over THEN! So now even 'that' escape route has been cut off?

In truth, and this may shock some people, but of 'late', actually the last several years.., the Coast has had -much- better weather than they normally would! Our in-laws have a place in Neskowin and it's been surprisingly pleasant ( comparatively so ) Still no chicks running around in bikinis, but when you live 'here' ( you take what you can get )

Even at 51, I'm just looking for "one last good run" before health issues become a consideration. We're empty-nesters and we're -supposed- to be having fun! I still feel like a kid and all the ppl I work w/ are a good bit younger so I'm used to keeping up w/ them. Hard to act like one when you're limited to 6 weeks?

blackdog said...

"Still no chicks running around in bikinis, but when you live 'here' ( you take what you can get )"

Ah, but do you really have to live "here"?

A lot of Oregon natives and long-time residents seem to have extremely constricted horizons; they act as if Oregon is the only conceivable place to live. It isn't. It's a big world out there. Your life and your dreams need not be bound by the borders of this soggy, chilly state.

Anonymous said...

"need not be bound by the borders of this soggy, chilly state"

Hear hear! And it's not as if a goodly number of us haven't lived 'elsewhere' over the years?

Further, I've never constricted myself 'further' by tossing up every obstacle imaginable from Conde` Naste to Forbes nigh on unattainable "lifestyle pluses!"

Locals needn't be conservative/liberal/gay/hetero/enviro/biz "friendly" whatsoever! I could care less about my neighbor's politics? Less if there's an Opera house. In fact, I'm not sure just how much the wife and I need other people around altogether? Decent weather is all we've ever really asked for!

We'd even considered Tijuana for a time. Sadly that entire area has become narco-infested. Well, as long as drug dealers just shoot each 'other'? You'd be surprised what we're willing to put with.

But I REFUSE to "pay a sunshine premium" ( which is what the ridiculous cost-of-living in CA is referred to! ) And this is what makes your options dwindle further.

blackdog said...

"But I REFUSE to "pay a sunshine premium" ( which is what the ridiculous cost-of-living in CA is referred to! )"

Well, if you want to live in a more desirable place it's gonna cost more. That's just a fact of life.

Anonymous said...


To... a 'degree' ( I do hear what you're saying ) And yes, there's perfectly good reasons why Huntington Beach will run you more.

We already own quite a bit of property in the Philippines and if anything, I'd look to consolidate some of those various holdings. We have a home 'here' in Salem ( which I highly doubt we could sell? ) so I don't believe I'm in a position to want a -third- home/holding?

Hell.., I'm not above living in a damned HOTEL if that's what it takes. Even if we could rent out or condo here, at least at breakeven, it wouldn't be comfort enough to take the financial plunge in sunnier climes. We also haven't by any means ruled out a 5th wheel parked on bare land in NV's Amaragosa Valley!

As much as getting out of the rain, we're looking for a bit less "luggage" as well. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Did a bit of checking in your neck o' the woods for the 4th and... markedly better than our own here in Salem. ( At least you guys reached the mid 70's? )

As predicted, we hit "70" ( as advertised! ) at 3:56 in the afternoon. By the time we were ready for fireworks, everyone put on their jacket. Sucked. Majorly.

What made it all that much more demoralizing was.., I think even our kids are beginning to notice? They've had to endure my grumbling about OR weather for years. But of late, I've definitely toned it down around them. I don't become an "OR Weather Apologist" ( which "I" happen to think only makes it worse! ) I just pretend that I no longer notice how sucktacular it is.

Truly sad when when people in that sweetest of sweet spots in Life ( 21 to 30 ) are having to put up w/ this absolute garbage. We brought a cooler SLAP FULL of beer and I bought all -kinds- of different labels. When we left around 11, it was barely dented. It just struck me no one really had their 'heart' into it? Just going thru the motions.

Yea...! "Is that the 'last' of the fireworks? Great, let's get the f*ck INSIDE!" Probably only in the high 50's by that time. Sorry to say but going forward, I'm just unwilling to risk it any longer! We'll be making plans to be ELSEWHERE come -next- 4th!

It's the greatest holiday of the year and wishing & hoping obviously aren't going to cut it any more. If you want to make sure you have great memories w/ your kids from the 4th.., two words: Road Trip!

blackdog said...

Yes, July 4 was pretty nice in Bend -- sunny and warm enough to wear shorts and a T-shirt, at least during the afternoon. Watching the fireworks required putting on a sweatshirt, but that's the norm here.

Maybe you need to get out of Salem for a few days, come over to this side of the mountains and dry out a bit.

blackdog said...

BTW, Bend has an EXCELLENT fireworks display. And the annual Pet Parade is not to be missed. It's less of a parade than a cheerful mob of grown-ups and kids with their (often costumed) pets -- everything from dogs to chickens to iguanas.

Okay, I might as well admit it: Ol' Blackdog actually LOVES 4th of July in Bend.

Anonymous said...


Excellent suggestion! We went to the Molalla Buckeroo for years... w/ the kids and generally enjoyed decent weather up until the late 90's. By that time they were teens and didn't give a rip?

I have to attend a school for the Guard in San Antonio and the trng. guy said "Well, I guess you could go just about 'any' time?" ( and I said, fine, any 'time' after Labor Day! )

Couldn't see packing out for six weeks -just- as things have finally... begun to show a little promise around here? If all goes according to historic norms, I'll hit the CA State Line just as weather turns to sh!t here.

But it's truly been feast or famine nationally. I think it's like 103 in DC? Much of the "Yankee States" are getting slammed.

Anonymous said...

Speaking w/ mom over the holiday ( she lived here from the early 80's to mid 90's ) and she was surprised to hear just how 'much' our weather has changed?

Both our daughters have b'days in mid-October and virtually ALL the photos we have of their parties show people in short sleeves! Well, no more Ma'.

What she found even more remarkable was that ( in 'my' estimation ) our "Coin Toss Month" ( where the weather could go either way? ) has migrated from May to JUNE! One could even argue July. Be honest, how many here have friends that have written off May altogether? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Given the lack of posts, I'll take obviously everyone is out enjoying this absolutely fantastice weather! ( About time? )

Whilst all are enjoying some much deserved rays.., "What could there -possibly- be to 'complain' about?"

Ahem, indulge me. By the time KGW rolls out the 5 o' clock news, this will have been declared a "Heat Wave!" Oh there'll be heart warming stock footage of children playing in the fountain at Waterfront Park, moms pushing strollers and dogs with water soaked bandanas!

Local weathermen will be blathering on about "Near RECORD Temperatures!"

Folks.., (2) consecutive/non-raining days 'above' 80 degrees does NOT constitute a freaking 'heat wave' ok? Call me when it's been two WEEKS!

In the meantime can I please suggest you get out there ( and enjoy it while you can!? )

Anonymous said...

After a seriously NICE week, we're back to "the drear". I don't think ANY one enjoyed last week more than myself and I'm feeling better than I have in years! ( Well months and months anyway? )

But what I see unfolding is confirming my worst fears. It's as if our "default switch" is now permanently set to Dreadful. Sure, we'll get nice days now and again but absent some very powerful trends.., we toggle over to Depressing. Low 70's and overcast in JULY!? Since when is this the 'norm'?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if any early risers have noticed in your area, but what has truly amazed me is that when you go to walk the dog at 4:30/5:00am, it is STILL very chilly at that hour!

Even if we reach the 80's or even the 90's, our Lows here in the WV are unseasonably cool for this time of year. No expert but that doesn't bode well for a durable summer.

What are you folks noticing in Bend at those early hours? Just curious.

blackdog said...

It ALWAYS gets cold in Bend at night. If you're outside after dark you generally need a sweater or sweatshirt, and by dawn the temp often is down into the 40s or 30s. The dry air loses heat very quickly; this is typical of all desert areas.

Anonymous said...


I recall visiting Prineville back in the late 80's/early 90's and having it still be pretty warm at 10 o' clock in the evening during the summer months. In fact, for those that didn't care for the heat, I'm pretty sure they'd have described sundown as bringing little 'relief'?

I understand having a few and far between day in April or even March hit the 80's and wouldn't be surprised in the least to see 30's or even 20's at 'that' time of year. But July?

Ah well, small matter. Bottom line is a good many of us are scripting our exits on a daily basis and none of it will matter shortly anyway?