Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Autumnal Suckquinox

Today is the autumnal equinox, or as we call it in Bend "the autumnal suckquinox," which marks the official arrival of fall, which in Bend means the start of nine straight months of truly sucktacular weather.

The Sucky Season is off to an appropriate start here, drizzly and 52 degrees. The tourists have all fled our little mountain "paradise," and the handful of would-be emigrants from California who are still foolish enough to think about moving here have turned tail and headed back for the state line as fast as their Beemers and Lexi will carry them.

Actually the sun peeked out from behind the soggy blanket of clouds for about three and a half minutes at approximately 3:30 p.m., so this will be recorded as one of our "300 days of sunshine." Yippee!


Dusty said...

This is going to be great! While I think, I agree with the bubble heads about real estate in Bend, I am so looking forward to countering your, "life is miserable arguments." I think it is wonderful you think Bend "sux" and kinda sad you still live here. But more on that later, time to go take advantage of the weather before the snow starts flying... which is a good thing.

Dusty said...

blog owner approval? whats up with that?

blackdog said...

Trying to keep the trolls to a minimum. They really suck up a blog.

blackdog said...

Hey I'm not saying Life Sux, I'm saying Bend Sux! I'm a happy guy! Look at my picture!